Strawberry Milk Fair starting on December 1!

Join the stamp rally while visiting the Japanese heritage!

“ Ichigo and Milk Fair '' will start from Sunday, December 1!

It is a fair where you can enjoy a variety of original sweets using fresh strawberry and milk at more than 70 inns and restaurants in Nasushiobara.
There will also be a stamp rally where you can get Hello Kitty original goods during the period, and you will be given a chance to win an accommodation ticket!

Japanese heritage [Future drawn by Meiji nobility-Nasuno Hara pioneering Roman-] "Senbonmatsu Ranch" , one of the constituent cultural assets, also participates in the stamp rally and offers three stamp rally sweets!

If you eat 3 sweets, you can get 3 stamps.
Please participate in the “Strawberry Milk Fair Stamp Rally” while enjoying the sweets during the Japanese heritage tour!

Click here for details on the Strawberry Milk Fair Stamp Rally!