Information on account service switching (uID account → My Infobase)

Thank you for using "Kokosil Japan Heritage: The Future Drawn by Meiji Aristocrats" on a daily basis.

We would like to inform you about a change in the specification of the "account issuance/login service" that is used by users to post reviews and to send information about facilities.

For the purpose of strengthening security and improving user convenience,
From September 5th (Tuesday), the service will be switched from the conventional "uID account" to "My Infobase".

When switching, all the information of the current "uID account" will be taken over, so
You can continue to use the ID (user name/email address) and password that you have been using.

In addition, regarding operations such as creating an account and logging in to My Infobase,
Basically, it will be authenticated by email address and password, just like uID accounts so far,
As an additional function, you can also log in with external accounts of Google, Facebook, and Apple.

The service switching work will be carried out according to the following schedule.
You can use the kokosil service without any problems during the switching work, but there is a possibility that you may fail to log in to your account.
In that case, please wait for a while and try logging in again.

■ Account service switching implementation schedule ■
Tuesday, September 5, 2023 22:00-24:00

■ Inquiries about account service switching work ■
UC Technology Co., Ltd. Ubiquitous Business Division Tel: 03-5437-2323

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.