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Thank you for using "Kokosil Japan Heritage: The Future Drawn by Meiji Aristocrats" on a daily basis. We would like to inform you about a change in the specification of the "account issuance/login service" that is used by users to post reviews and to send information about facilities. For the purpose of strengthening security and improving user convenience, From September 5th (Tuesday), the service will be switched from the conventional "uID account" to "My Infobase". When switching, all the information of the current "uID account" will be taken over, so You can continue to use the ID (user name/email address) and password that you have been using. In addition, regarding […]

I want to share! Nasu sightseeing recommended photo spot special feature-Nature with a superb view, to gorgeous stained glass

Nasushiobara is an alluvial fan that retains the remnants of the Meiji era, straddling Yaita City, Otawara City, Nasu Shiobara City, and Nasu Town in Tochigi Prefecture. There are not only 31 cultural properties related to "Japan Heritage" but also many scenic spots that you will want to take a picture of. In this article, I want to stop by for sightseeing in Nasu! From famous places to hidden spots loved by the locals, we will introduce the cultural assets of Nasuno and the attractive photo spots around it together with the recommended time. In the article, I have prepared various photos such as those with correction function ants of […]

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Kokoshiru users Thank you for using Kokoshiru. We will carry out system server migration work for stable operation and performance improvement of Kokoshiru. As a result, the services of the Kokosil website and Kokosil app will be suspended during the following transition work period. We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding and cooperation. ■ Server migration work period ■ Wednesday, November 24, 2021 23: 00-Thursday, November 25, 7:00 ■ Inquiries about server migration ■ Ucy Technology Co., Ltd. Ubiquitous Division Tel: 03-5437-2323 Mail:

Let’s search the treasure of the sheet pile in “Four treasures, eight treasures YAITA stamp rally”

There are many hiking spots such as Happohara and "Oshiraki Falls" where you can enjoy hiking, Japanese heritage, gourmet food unique to Yaita, autumn "apple picking" and winter "strawberry picking & hot springs/mineral springs". There is a "treasure" in "Four sides". We will carry out a stamp rally to find the "treasure" of such sheet piles. Get a leaflet with a good-value coupon that can be used in the city at "Michi-no-Eki" and restaurants in the city, and go find the treasures of Yaita! The period is from Wednesday, July 1, 2020 to Sunday, February 28, 2021! Anyone can participate, all you need is a smartphone! Details on "Four treasures, […]


矢板には、ハイキングが楽しめる八方ヶ原や「おしらじの滝」、日本遺産、矢板ならではのグルメ、さらには秋の「りんご狩り」、冬の「いちご狩り&温泉・鉱泉」など、たくさんの「宝」が「四方八方」にあります。そんな矢板の「宝」を探す、スタンプラリーを実施します。 市内で使えるお得なクーポン券付きのチラシを「道の駅」や市内飲食店などでゲットして、矢板のお宝を探しに行こう! 期間は2020年7月1日(水)から2021年2月28日(日)まで!どなたでも参加可能で、必要なものはスマートフォンだけ! 「四宝八宝YAITAスタンプラリー」の詳細について ☆期間 令和2年7月1日(水) から 令和3年2月28日(日) まで ☆参加賞の内容 ・スタンプ2個で参加賞  賞品交換所:道の駅やいた ☆懸賞の内容 ・スタンプ5個で抽選応募が可能 ☆参加方法 (1)「ココシル」アプリ(無料)をダウンロードする。   (2)「ココシル」アプリを開き、「日本遺産 明治貴族が描いた未来」を選択する。 (3)周辺観光情報の「矢板市」をタップする。 (4)ユーザー登録をする。 (5)参加施設でQRコードを読み取ってスタンプをゲット! ※参加施設は「ココシル」アプリをご覧ください。 ☆ルール ・スタンプ獲得について →対象施設にQRプレートが設置してありますので、スマートフォンで読み込んでください。 ※対象施設により、スタンプの獲得条件が異なりますので、ご注意ください。

Strawberry Milk Fair starting on December 1!

Join the stamp rally while visiting the Japanese heritage! “ Ichigo and Milk Fair '' will start from Sunday, December 1! It is a fair where you can enjoy a variety of original sweets using fresh strawberry and milk at more than 70 inns and restaurants in Nasushiobara. There will also be a stamp rally where you can get Hello Kitty original goods during the period, and you will be given a chance to win an accommodation ticket! Japanese heritage [Future drawn by Meiji nobility-Nasuno Hara pioneering Roman-] "Senbonmatsu Ranch" , one of the constituent cultural assets, also participates in the stamp rally and offers three stamp rally sweets! Luxury […]