Announcement of the start of a project to raise awareness of Japanese heritage through literature [Machibun in Nasunogahara-Japanese heritage, the future drawn by Meiji nobility]

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[The future drawn by the Japanese heritage Meiji aristocrats-Nasugano is a pioneering romanto-Details]

A project to recruit works on the stage of “Nasunogahara” in northern Tochigi Prefecture! Nasunogahara is a vast composite fan located in the northern part of Tochigi Prefecture. The Meiji nobility pioneered this area, which was a barren area where people could not live until the first year of the Meiji era. A pioneering story that is also recognized as a Japanese heritage. Why do not you make a work on such a stage in "Nasunogahara"?
From 18th October 2019 (Friday), we are looking for novels based on the theme of "Machibun in Nasuganohara-Japanese Heritage-A Future Drawn by Meiji Nobility".

● Business details

<Recruitment of novels>

Title: Machibun in Nasunogahara-Japanese heritage, the future depicted by Meiji nobility-

Application period: October 18th (Friday) 12:00 to December 22nd (Sunday) 27:59

Results announcement: Scheduled for March 2020

Conditions of the work: 1. The novel must be 10,000 to 60,000 characters (recommended) * Regardless of genre

2. From the Japanese heritage “The Future Drawn by the Meiji Nobility”

Constitution cultural property appears in work.

Or it must be a story inspired by illustrations on the site.

3. Completion required

Application method: Apply from the novel posting service "Everysta"

Judge ・ Akira Mori (Novelist / Nasushiobara City Ambassador)

・ Watanabe Yasufumi (Director / Screenplayer Otawara City)

・ Kanako Hashimoto

(Yaita City Activation Group “Machino Akari” belongs to Yaita City)

・ Mitsuo Watanabe

(Former Prefectural High School Principal / Contemporary Literature Resident Nasu Town)

・ Yasuo Kimura

(Member of Nasunogahara Development Japan Heritage Promotion Council /

(Director, Otawara City History and Folklore Museum)

Prize: ・ Grand Prize (1 work)

Prize money 300,000 yen + Nasuno original product + work cover illustration

・ Second prize (1 work)

Prize money 100,000 yen + Nasugano original product

・ Good work (several works)

Nasuno original product

Application URL:

[Machibun in Nasunogahara-Japanese heritage, the future drawn by Meiji nobility-] PR site

Site URL:

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